Handcrafted in the Isle of Man

Manx Elves

Elves live in a hidden world, but we are sure they do exist and do their magic on our nature – maybe even in your garden. Find your handcrafted, adorable elf in one of the colourful elves in our shop.

Beautiful gift for everyone

Find the right elf in our shop. – As a gift or just for yourself. There are elf dolls in girls and boys colours availabe. Every elf doll is availabe only once, but many new ones are coming up for sale constantly.

Handmade in the IOM

Inspired by the fairytales of the island, every elf is handknitted by Grandma Bridget in the Isle of Man.

Expertly crafted

Grandma Bridget used to be a teacher for textiles, before she became a grandma. She makes sure everything is crafted expertly.

Filled with love

The elf business has grown from a passion. So every elf is filled with lots of love and shall bring his new owner joy, luck and freedom.

Made for everyone

Manx elves are equally popular with children, as well as grown-ups. They bring so much joy, no matter how old you are.

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