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Grandma Bridget’s passion is knitting, and from the first little dolls she knitted for her own children 55 years ago, the magical Manx Elves gradually emerged. Now her grandchildren and their friends, as well as grown ups, enjoy their colourful clothes and friendly faces. No two elves will appear in the same colour combination. That is because colors and the diversity of colors and their combinations bring Grandma Bridget so much joy. Thereby each little elf has its very own character and is made to carry love into the world and to delight small and big hearts.

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Manx Elves and where to find them


Elves live in a hidden world, they observe what is happening, but most of all they are extremely busy. They help flowers to grow and blossom. They scatter the falling blossoms on the meadows and paths, they support the crystals in growing and collecting energies, trees in growing big and strong, the purring wind, the murmuring springs, the wonderful animals – all life on earth.

Elves also have great and exceedingly powerful friends: the mighty forces of water, fire, air and earth.

They are active throughout the year, in spring, in summer, in autumn and in winter. And if they  return to our world, we enter a world of freedom, peace and happiness. Our elf dolls, are a symbol for the elemental beings, for FREEDOM for ALL, PEACE and HAPPINESS.

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