Amamion the moon flower elf


Gorgeous elf dolls handmade with love to cuddle or decorate. This elf will surely make childrens eyes shine and bring a bit of magic in every house. They are approved and loved by grandchildren and their friends.

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All Manx Elves are handcrafted in the Isle of Man by Grandma Bridget, who used to be a textiles teacher at school. She makes sure every single elf is expertly manufactored. Each one is unique and they are all made from highquality wool and filled with lots of love.  The sweet details like golden elf ears and the Triskelion on every elf make them a real Manx Elf. They are approved sinds more than 50 years and loved by her children, grandchildren and their friends.



Material: 75% wool 25% polyamide
Filling: polyester
Dimensions: 34cm – as all elves are handmade, they may have slight differences in dimensions
Further notice: handwash only
Please note: The color of the elves may be slightly different from the photo due to different lighting conditions
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Amamion the moon flower elf